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Frequency Hyundai No. 700 converter

Frequency Hyundai No. 700 converter
  • Frequency Hyundai No. 700 converter
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Country of manufacture:Korea
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The improved control function

Advanced bessensorny vector control at an ultralow speed

• High quality of control on all devices, thanks to the improved characteristics of a torsion torque at low speeds
- Bessensorny vector control: 200% and more at 0,5gts
- Touch vector control: 150% and more at 0 Hz

Excellent indicators according to characteristics of speed and a torsion torque

• Improvement of an indicator of the characteristic of a torsion torque minimizes a speed deviation at change of loading, (quick response to sudden change of loading is reached)
• The strengthened function of restriction of a torsion torque (200% are regulated in the range of 0 ~) protects the device at unexpected external changes of loading
• Increase in speed of reaction to command of the terminal

The improved characteristics of decrease in a torsion torque

• Decrease in characteristics of a torsion torque (a power supply of VP2.0) promotes softer operation of the engine
• By means of the characteristic of loading optimum power saving is reached

Expansion of function of multi-speed control

• In addition to the basic parameter of time of acceleration braking, there are at most 7 individual settings of time of acceleration braking. By means of one input from the terminal,
you can change acceleration braking time, providing more exact management and control.
• There is a possibility of three-step installation of time of acceleration braking.

The stable and strengthened operation of a torsion torque

• At the choice of high-speed control or control on a torsion torque at discretion, users can use N700 inverters for different applications (Vector Control).

Expansion of operating range of field reduction

• Operating range of the field reduction allowing to reach
the maximum operation of a torsion torque, about 320 Hz are increased.

Advanced automatic setup in network/off-line operation
• Automatic setup in network/off-line operation for bessensorny control
• Even at autonomous autotune, characteristics of a torsion torque and control of speed remain highly effective (automatic setup can be carried out out of
dependences on loading conditions)
• At a network auto-adjust the accuracy of operations can be reached by means of a method av-
tomatichesky compensation of a constant of the engine even at change of temperature of the engine
The improved braking function by a direct current
• The improved braking parameters at team of a stop, thanks to the improved function
braking by a direct current

Function of management of an external brake for the elevator

• When using an external brake for elevators, positive and exact control of all parameters is provided. Operating rate can be changed, depending on loading

High quality of voltage output and current

• Even at changes of input voltage, function of the automatic voltage controller maintains stability of the voltage output going on the engine
• Function of the prevention of automatic switching off for management of voltage surges
and current helps to provide high quality of power supply given on the engine
Function of automatic search of speed even after unexpected interruption of input voltage
• The inverter and the engine can be reliably protected and safely restarted, thanks to function of the Prevention of a spontaneous stop and Perezapusk Function of temperature control of IGBT
(The bipolar transistor with an isolated gate)
• IGBT temperature (the main part of the inverter) is checked and displayed

Country of manufacture:Korea
Protection rating:IP20
Input Voltage: 380~480 V
Current Type: от 12 A
Output Voltage: 380-480 V
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2019
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