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Relay of current of priority action RP-614 (PR-614)

Relay of current of priority action RP-614 (PR-614)
  • Relay of current of priority action RP-614 (PR-614)
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Country of manufacture:Poland
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With a possibility of connection of the external transformer of current.

Appointment: the relay of current of priority action is intended for control of size of current which is used by electroreceivers and managements of them in a case when their simultaneous work causes an overload of a network of food and operation of safety devices.

Action: value of a threshold of current of consumption in a priority chain at which excess the relay switches off a low-priority electric chain is established by a potentiometer. Decrease in current of consumption in a priority chain gives established to automatic inclusion of a low-priority chain below.

Remark: with the relay of priority action it is necessary to apply automatic safety locks with the reaction time which is not exceeding relay reaction time to electric chains.

Technical characteristics:
supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
current of loading of a low-priority chain to 16 A
current of a measuring entrance 5 A
operation threshold 0,5 - 5 A
power consumption 0,4 W
shutdown delay 0,1 with
inclusion delay 0,1 with
accession of wires clips screw 2,5 mm2
endurance of contacts 105 inclusions
range of working temperatures from -25 °C to +50 °C
degree of protection IP40
dimensional size 1 module of S type (17,5 mm)
installation of the device on a DIN lath of 35 mm
Remark: the RP-614 relay can work with the external transformer of current which primary winding is connected to a priority chain, and measuring contacts of the relay are connected to secondary. The transformer needs to be picked up with such parameters that current of a secondary winding did not exceed 5 A. For example: for connection of the consumer of a priority chain with the maximum current of loading 140 A we use the current transformer with parameters 150/5 A. The coefficient of transformation will make 30:1. In that case, at installation on a scale of the relay of value 2 A, the relay will work at the valid value of current 60 A (2x30=60 A).
Country of manufacture:Poland
Voltage: 220 V
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2019
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