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Relay twilight DIA (AWZ)

Relay twilight DIA (AWZ)
  • Relay twilight DIA (AWZ)
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16 And, _P65, tight, with the built-in photosensitive sensor.

Appointment: the relay twilight DIA (AWZ) is intended for automatic inclusion of illuminated signs, lighting of territories and objects on streets, squares, in show-windows of shops, etc. at approach of twilight and switching off of such lighting at dawn.

Action: the relay it is necessary to arrange in the place where there is continuous access of natural light which change of the intensity will switch on and off lighting. The user can determine the lighting inclusion moment by a potentiometer. A turn towards "month" ― inclusion of lighting at smaller intensity of natural light, a turn towards "sun" ― at bigger. The relay is equipped with system of a delay of inclusion and switching off of lighting, thus it interferes with influence of hindrances (for example, atmospheric categories) for operation of the relay.

Technical characteristics:
supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
maximum current of loading 16 A
adjustable threshold of inclusion 2 - 1000 lx
hysteresis about 15 lx
inclusion delay 5 with
switching off delay 10 with
power consumption 0,8 W
accessions of wires clips screw 2,5 mm2
endurance of contacts 105 inclusions
range of working temperatures from -25 °C to +50 °C
degree of protection IP65
dimensions 60х85х35 mm
installation of the device two screws on the plane
The twilight relay is mounted on the plane by means of two screws. The cover with the pressurizing silicone laying is fastened to the case by four screws. The opening for input of a cable in the case of the relay is equipped with the pressurizing rubber laying.
Country of manufacture:Poland
Profile: 60х85х35 mm
Voltage: 220 V
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2019
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