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Two-mast lif

Two-mast lif
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The two-mast lift consists from: 2 masts and electric drive. Masts represent metalwork of rectangular or triangular cross section between which the service platform (cabin) moves. The electric drive is located above on mast or below. The elevator is installed on the bearing basis which is carried out flat, or in the form of hitch.

Loading capacity of two-mast lift — maximum to 4 tons. Maximum height of rise — 18 meters.

Main characteristics of two-mast lift:
Safety controls for two-mast lifts:
The catcher of hard braking for prevention of falling of service platform (cabin) in case of break of traction rope.
Control unit of phases.
Device of protection against overload, weakening of rope.
Counter of motochas.
Installation site of two-mast lift:
In the building (in apertures of interfloor overlappings).
In the building (in ready mine).
Outside of the building.
Electric drives for two-mast lift:
Electrohoist of production of Russia or Bulgaria (with one cargo bearing rope).
Electrohoist of production of Bulgaria (with two cargo bearing ropes).
Authorities two-mast lift:
the marked list

Control of the elevator is exercised by means of the push-button posts of management (PBPM) located on each floor (stop). KPU can include different elements of management: floor buttons, intervention button "Feet", buttons of electrical locks, key brand, etc. Buttons can be equipped with light indication which allows to define location of service platform on floors. The combination of the KPU elements if necessary can change. KPU are established in mine or on building elements in close proximity to door openings of mine. At the 3rd and more floors application of board of electric management on microprocessors is possible.
Operating modes of two-mast lift:
Fixed — automatic stop on floors.
Jog — the movement of platform only at the pressed button.
Motion speed of cage of two-mast lift:
Standard — 0.13 m/s, 0.26 m/s.
Set — from 0.1 m/s to 0.4 m/s.
Regulated — to 0.6 m/s (smooth start-up, stop).
Directions of loading unloading:
On the one hand.
From two parties (180 °) - cabin through passage.
Ways of loading:
Manual (platform floor height from 0 to 1,2m over floor floor height).
By means of the hydraulic cart (the floor height of platform matches floor floor height).
Protection of load against slipping, movement out of limits of service platform (cabin) is provided:
Sliding grids.
Removable boards
Protection of mine against penetration in people, foreign objects is provided:
Oar doors.
Sliding doors.
Two-leaf folding doors.
Role sun blind.
Side barriers.
Material of barrier of two-mast lift:
The painted pro-thinned-out galvanized leaf.
Welded grid, Rabitz netting.
Sheet stainless steel.

Brand:Изотех и Ко
Maximum load: 4000 kg
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2019
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